WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner

Wordpress Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin
Important notice to old premium users!
If you have installed a version lower than 3.0.0 then upgraded to 3.0.0, then please read this post

If you have been using WordPress for a while, then you should think absolutely about a clean up. Indeed, your database may be full of garbage that make your site sluggish and bloated, such as: revisions, drafts, spam comments, orphan options, orphan tables, etc. You should clean this unnecessary data to reduce the size of your database and improve efficiency when accessing tables. In addition, your backup files will be quicker and smaller.

Advanced Database Cleaner is a must-have plugin that cleans and optimizes your WordPress database (you can download the free version from wordpress.org).

Benchmark with other plugins

A: Advanced Database Cleaner (premium)
B: Advanced Database Cleaner (free)
C: WP sweep
D: WP-Optimize
E: Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
F: WP Clean Up

Main features A B C D E F
Standard clean-up
Schedule clean-up
View items before clean-up
Optimize Database
Schedule optimization
View & clean cron tasks
View & clean options
View & clean tables
Detect orphaned options
Detect orphaned cron tasks
Detect orphaned tables
Supporting Multisite

Quick FAQ

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What people say?

"Can I first say thank you to the developer of this fantastic plugin. I’ve tried so many DB cleaners in the last few months [...] but this one tells me exactly what’s being cleaned..."

Elizabeth Richardson

"Best cleaner/tidier I have found. Always works, no issues. Liked it so much I’ve upgraded to Pro for the Extra features. Developer seems really responsive. Thanks"

Taco Loco


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