WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner

Wordpress Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin

If you have been using WordPress for a while, then you should think absolutely about a clean up. Indeed, your database may be full of garbage that make your site sluggish and bloated, such as: revisions, drafts, spam comments, orphan options, orphan tables, etc. You should clean this unnecessary data to reduce the size of your database and improve efficiency when accessing tables. In addition, your backup files will be quicker and smaller.

Advanced Database Cleaner is a must-have plugin that cleans and optimizes your WordPress database (you can download the free version from wordpress.org).

Benchmark with other plugins

A: Advanced Database Cleaner (premium)
B: Advanced Database Cleaner (free)
C: WP sweep
D: WP-Optimize
E: Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
F: WP Clean Up

Main features A B C D E F
Standard clean-up Includes cleaning: Revisions, Drafts, Auto Drafts, Trash posts, Pending comments, Spam Comments, Trash comments, Orphan Postmeta, Orphan Commentmeta, Orphan Relationships, Dashboard Transient Feed
Schedule clean-up Allow users to set a scheduled task to launch the clean-up automatically
View items before clean-up Allow users to view items before cleaning them
Optimize Database Allow users to optimize tables of their databases
Schedule optimization Allow users to set a scheduled task to launch database optimization automatically
View & clean cron tasks Allow users to view all scheduled tasks and clean-up selected ones
View & clean options Allow users to view all options and clean-up selected ones
View & clean tables Allow users to view all database tables and clean-up selected ones
Detect orphan cron tasks Proposes a list of tasks that may be orphan and it is up to users to decide what to clean
Detect orphan options Proposes a list of options that may be orphan and it is up to users to decide what to clean
Detect orphan tables Proposes a list of tables that may be orphan and it is up to users to decide what to clean
Supporting Multisite Does the plugin supports multisite WordPress installation?

Q1: Is the price yearly?
No, you pay just one time.

Q2: How many updates can I get after purchase?
You will get lifetime updates without any additional fees.

Q3: How long will you support me after purchase?
We have lifetime support for all our customers, without any additional fees.

Q4: Will you add new features to the plugin?
Yes, new features will be added in next updates. Make sure to buy now at a lowest price.

Q5: Do you have a money back guarantee?
We will try to fix all of your issues. If not possible, you will have a money back.

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What people say?

‘Michael Bryner’
Thanks so much for that new update with adding the schedule cleanup. That is just so awesome that you did that. Keep this plugin updated because it is exactly what I need in keeping WordPress clean and not so cluttered. I really appreciate you listening to me about that feature. If I could give 10 stars I would.

‘Smat Placid’
I have a good feeling of using it. Besides that, It releases me from drafts and trashed stuff. Thank you.

‘Elizabeth Richardson’
Can I first say THANK YOU to the developer of this fantastic plugin.
I’ve tried sooo many database cleaners in the last few months. They all worked to an extent, but this one tells me exactly what’s being cleaned so I understand where the problems are stemming from.
The auto cleaning schedule setter is a really great feature, and one I’m relieved to set and forget.
Very much appreciated.

‘Somnath Jadhav’
Thanks for your valuable efforts for making life easy…