WP Cron Cleaner

WordPress Cron Cleaner

“WP Cron Cleaner” is a useful plugin to view the list of all your scheduled tasks. Indeed, your WordPress site may contain some orphan scheduled tasks that should be cleaned. “WP Cron Cleaner” plugin will display all your tasks and will help identifying those orphan tasks. Moreover, you will be able to see what happens in your site behind the scenes!

= Main Features =
* Displays all cron jobs (scheduled tasks) names
* Displays frequency of each task
* Displays “next run” of each task
* Allows you choose what tasks to clean
* Supports multisite installation

= Pro Features =
* Detects orphan cron scheduled tasks
* Detects plugins cron scheduled tasks
* Detects themes cron scheduled tasks
* Detects WordPress cron scheduled tasks

= Multisite Support =
* Only the main site can view and clean tasks in the whole network. Other sites in the network cannot perform these tasks. We have opted for this philosophy because we are sure that only the super administrator can perform such actions.


Q1: Is the price yearly?
No, you pay just one time.

Q2: How many updates can I get after purchase?
You will get lifetime updates without any additional fees.

Q3: How long will you support me after purchase?
We have lifetime support for all our customers, without any additional fees.

Q4: Will you add new features to the plugin?
Yes, new features will be added in next updates. Make sure to buy now at a lowest price.

Q5: Do you have a money back guarantee?
We will try to fix all of your issues. If not possible, you will have a money back.

About Younes JFR.

Younes Jaafar known as (Younes JFR.), is the Founder of SigmaPlugin.com. I have spent the past 10 years developing websites and plugins for WordPress. Web development is not only a job but also a passion for me and always will be.